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T here is no gainsaying the fact that Nigeria is presently on the grip of alarming social vices, notable among which is cultism, following screaming headlines on activities of cultists which have led to loss of lives and wanton destruction of property, almost on daily basis. There is rarely no academic session without reported incidents of cult related violent clashes in most schools in country, which usually result in the loss of lives of promising youths. Cultism in Nigeria could be traced to pre-colonization when a group of people with the main aim of seeking protection from their ancestors conducted rituals.

Secret cults have always existed in many parts of the country, with the Ogboni secret cult notable among the Yorubas, the Ekpe secret cult among the Efiks, Ekine cult in the Delta region and Owegbe cult among the Edos. But cultism in Nigerian tertiary institutions was introduced in by a group of seven students from the University College, Ibadan, who addressed themselves as the Magnificent Seven.

They formed the Pirates Confraternity, following their observation that the university was populated by wealthy students who were associated with colonial powers which left the poor students who were in minority to struggle to be accepted by the rich students. Between andthe Pirates, who later registered themselves as the National Association of Sea Dogs were virtually the only confraternity on Nigerian campuses.

However, another brotherhood known as Buccaneers Confraternity was registered as National Association of Sea Lords, with its membership extended off campus and spread beyond the shores of the country. Today, almost all tertiary institutions across the country has confraternities otherwise known as secret cults, some of which include Supreme Eiye Confraternity, also referred to as Air Lords. Records have it that this confraternity which broke out from Black Axe emerged from the University of Benin and its symbol of identification is the skull and cross bones.

Report also has it that it emerged from the University of Benin and has an upright axe with a wide blade fixed to a short handle as its symbol. There is also the Supreme Vikings Confraternity said to have been founded by a former member of the Buccaneer Confraternity and it has the inscription SVC as its symbol. Aside these were also female cult groups which came to limelight in the s in Nigerian campuses.

But sadly, there is now a yawning shift from its original purpose as it tends to strive more on intimidation, oppression and brutalization of rival cult groups leading violence many of which proved fatal.

Not only has cultism witnessed a shift from its original purpose membership now cuts across artisans, farmers, traders and so many illiterates across the country! From the North to the South and East to the West, cultism strives everywhere! In Edo State for instance, being a member of a confraternity group accords some people respect. Investigation showed that some homes with no member as a cultist are subjected to intimidation, exploitation and oppression. These cultists are majorly behind several kidnapping, armed robbery and murder cases in the state: Recently, a young man was ambushed around Emuhi Road and hacked to death.

The Edo State Police Command succeeded in arresting the alleged assailant who turned out to be a musician in the same community. However, during investigation, it was discovered that the deceased was mistaken for a member of a rival cult group.

Another instance around that axis was the burial ceremony of late Agatha Amuze of Ewuhimi Community in Emuhi, Ekpoma, Edo State which was almost marred, no thanks to activities of cultists. Surprisingly, it was learned that members of this act were no other than children and grandson of the deceased.

But for the prompt intervention of policemen from Ekpoma Division, the occasion would have witnessed blood bath, as these cultists who were bent on distorting the ceremony had converged in a bush waiting for the right time to strike.

They terrorize, invade and shoot at their victims without batting an eye lid. The home of a senior police officer was not spared in one of the invasions by these cultists last year. Also in one of the attacks, the life of a young man was cut short. Until recently, nobody dared to challenge sponsors of these cultists in Obosi Town as any attempt would cost them their lives.

eiye cultist

Lagos State is another example with activities of cultists, majority of whom are artisans too numerous to count.Sources describe Eiye as a "secret cult" The Guardian 6 Nov. Sources further indicate that Eiye is one of a number of similar groups active in Nigeria Ezeonu 19 Sept. The BBC reports that the group was created in the s ibid. The same source states that Eiye "remains true to the vision of her founders" ibid.

The BBC reports that although Eiye's "original intention was to make a positive contribution to society," it is an "organized crime group" from which, over time, "many members went astray, committing violence in Nigeria and delving into crime abroad" BBC 27 Jan.

Jane's Intelligence Review states that Eiye is made up of "members of old secret societies transformed into criminal associations" Jane's Intelligence Review 25 Feb. The same source notes that Eiye has "a rigid hierarchical structure headed by a directorate and each forum is independent. The members have a specific functional and hierarchical role; they are connected by familiar or other relational ties" ibid.

Daily Trust, a Nigerian newspaper, quotes a member of an Eiye group, who refers to the leader of the organization as a "'Capon'" Daily Trust 21 Oct.

According to a study on violent fraternities at an unnamed university in southern Nigeria, which was published in the Journal of African American Studies, the leaders of most Nigerian fraternities are called "Capones," as an allusion to the Chicago gangster Al Capone Ezeonu 19 Sept. The same source explains that there is a "hierarchy of Capones;" the national Capone is like a Commander-in-Chief, while the campus-based Capones are like field commanders ibid.

The competition for all of these positions is reportedly "vicious" and to be chosen, the person "must demonstrate daring acts of bravery, brutality and courage" ibid. UNODC reports that, according to a investigation by Italian authorities, members of the Eiye confraternity have operated in Italy since at least and have "a level of organization, violence and intimidation similar to other, better known mafias" UN Statistics on the number of members who belong to Eiye could not be found among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate within the time constraints of this Response.

An article published in the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard indicates that the majority of cult members are teenagers and youth and some are current and former students of "tertiary institutions" Vanguard 26 Oct.

According to the study published in the Journal of African American Studies, the initiation rituals of these fraternities usually take place in secret Ezeonu 19 Sept.

The same source states that, in individual and focus group interviews of 30 participants conducted for the purpose of the study, the Eiye Confraternity was identified as one of the "most violent" fraternities at the university Ezeonu 19 Sept.

The study notes that fraternities at the university, in general, use "brutal and humiliating forms of hazing in their initiation ceremonies" and that after initiation, new recruits are often required to undertake criminal acts such as "obligatory rapes" of women affiliated with rival gang members, armed robbery or physical attacks of faculty members ibid.

In correspondence with the Research Directorate, a researcher affiliated with the Transnational Threats and International Crime Division of the Pretoria-based Institute for Security Studies ISSan organization that provides "independent and authoritative research [and] expert policy advice" on human security ISS n. Information on membership cards could not be found among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate within the time constraints of this Response.

Sources further note that "eiye" means "bird" in the Yoruba language ibid. Sources state that campus fraternities intimidate and assault students and staff at the educational institutions where they are present ISS 31 Mar. Nigerian media sources report that, in Augustclashes between the Eiye and Aiye confraternities at the Kwara State Polytechnic, which spread to other parts of Ilorin [the capital of Kwara State], resulted in the deaths of 16 people, the arrest of suspected cult members Daily Trust 22 Aug.

Sources report that the Eiye confraternity has been involved in the following activities within Nigeria:. Clashes with the Manfight group in Oredo [Edo State], including killings, in a conflict related to state elections Fund for Peace 22 Aug. Nigerian media sources have reported on cases of violent clashes involving Eiye members in various cities and states in Nigeria, including:.


Bariga area of Lagos Daily Independent 28 Jan. The UNODC reports that in MarchItalian authorities conducted an investigation and arrested 34 people affiliated with the Eiye and Aye cults for criminal activities, including managing the trafficking of young women from Benin City to Italy ibid.

Sources also report that 23 members of the Eiye group were arrested by the Catalan police after an month investigation ibid. According to the BBC, investigators found that women were being trafficked from Benin City and other areas of Nigeria, and were transported through North Africa or through airports in the UK ibid. The same source reports that the women were forced to share their earnings with Eiye operatives, and, if anyone resisted, their family members in Nigeria would be threatened or abducted ibid.

Sources indicate that, in addition to human trafficking, Eiye operatives abroad are involved in: drug trafficking UN57; BBC 27 Jan. Media sources report on cases in which the police arrested people for alleged membership in Eiye, including the following:. In October31 undergraduates at the University of Lagos who were suspected of belonging to Eiye were arrested while preparing to go to an initiation ceremony Daily Trust 21 Oct.Some suspected members of the Eiye cult group have beheaded a member of their rival cult, a tax collector simply identified as Osazuwa.

Wasted generation where their mates in the western are making waves in technology advancement. Government sinks borehole we go about celebratin.

We celebrate politicians after they have shared that is how they have made the youths… divided them with cultism killing of each other is the other of the day. When a. Nothing goes for nothing.

More blood will wet the surface of the earth be4 a great man rest in peace. Alex I see u, flame on dem all… Osawuza!!! Alex n ogives… JK JK go punish una generations…. Let d game begin… Air Force full ground 4 una……Kill dem all. Where you for come? Rugged brutality is the consequence for defaulters. Benin we are ready … Airfotce Dey para …enough tools on ground ….

Aye mafaite and Vikings una go run leave that town for us soon … watch out for massacre … we gonna turn everywhere red soon …. Birds r flying n chirping ruggedly. Hahaha animal…. U know the meaning of eiye stall oloshi onoran nu….

Ogun love ma password iya eii …werre. You dey jonce?? You never hear of EIYE doings before??Police arrest wanted Eiye cultist in Ogun. The DPO had sighted the suspect, who the police said had been on the wanted list of the command for quite sometime, on top of a motorcycle. A search was conducted on him on the spot and one locally-made pistol, one live cartridge, one 7. Constable recruitment: Ogun police release guidelines for screening - Daily Post Nigeria The Ogun State Police Command has released guidelines for the screening of applicants who have registered online for the ongoing recruitment of constable.

Boy arrested for allegedly stealing 14 ladies underwear in Ogun - Daily Post Nigeria A year-old boy, Adeniyi Muhammed, has been arrested by the police in Ogun state for allegedly stealing 14 ladies underwear.

Ogun police arrest teenager with 14 used female pants. Kidnappers kill woman, abduct nursing mother, baby in Ogun - Daily Post Nigeria The Ogun State-owned security outfit, So-Safe Corps said a gang of four suspected kidnappers have killed a woman while abducting a nursing mother and her.

In the first.From his seeming innocent looks to his frail disposition, nothing gave him away as a cultist, let alone a hitman who has sent rival members who crossed his part to the great beyond. Besides, he is a tailor and a hard-working one at that, who was described as cool-headed and compassionate. But his recent arrest only confirmed that indeed, facial expression can be deceptive.

Confession of a self acclaimed cultist: Why I killed four Eiye members

In an encounter with year-old Kabiru Ahmed, he made a startling revelation on his activities and role as a cultist. One of such revelations was how he gunned four rival members to death, as he claimed they were responsible for the death of the herbalist that provided charms for him. Ahmed, who hails from Kano state, confessed that he was the hitman of the infamous Aiye confraternity.

His story is not like the usual, but, a show of desperation. Further disaster by him was curtailed by the iron hands of the Anti-Cultism Unit of the Lagos State Police Command that has continued to record great strides in the fight against cultism in the state.

I killed four members of the Eiye confraternity last year. I was on a mission to avenge the death of our Babalawo herbalistwho initiated me into the group. Among those killed in Black axe, was a guy we called Bebeto. I called one of my friends, Amaru, who is also a strong member of Aiye and usually supplied us guns when needed.

I made straight for the venue, with my gun. I waited patientlyoutside, for the right time to strike. I also escaped.

I shot one of them dead, while another member was stabbed to death. I told my mum that something was fishy and that I wanted to leave the area for a while. But it was too late to readjust. According to a source in the police, further arrests are being carried out in connection with cult-related killings.

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The increasing menace cultism: How I was forced into Eiye Confraternity

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eiye cultist

This site uses cookies: Find out more. Okay, thanks.Wiz kid is an award winning Nigerian artiste who needs no introduction. He began his career in music in the church choir. The positive influence of Afro music legends on his music career is a well-known fact. He has had help as well in one capacity or the other from stars like: 2face, Naeto C and Banky W.

Obviously all these have contributed in no small way to building up his career in what we see today. The star is very well respected within and out of the shores of Nigeria. He is also the proud owner of the Star Boy Entertainment brand.

Most often, one can pinpoint the cult a person belongs to by certain signs. However with this star, it is rather difficult to tell which cult group he allegedly belongs to. The theory going around is that he is a member of a group called the Vikings. Others are however certain that he is a member of the Eiye confraternity. A lot of people are of the view that he is a cultist, but there is yet to be any concrete proof as to whether he is a member of a cult group or not.

Of course even if he were a member of a cult, to come out openly and say it may have negative impact on his career. Since belonging to a cult group in Nigeria is more or less viewed as a criminal offense. Your email address will not be published. Connect with us.

Nigerian Musician Wizkid A Cultist & Eiye Cult Member?

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Finally, singer Lil Frosh breaks silence after allegation of…. Barber convicted of rape, N theft, sentenced to death in Edo. Operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad SARSlagos state police command have arrested nine members of the Eiye confraternity who allegedly killed a rival cult member in May Recall that barely 48 hours after the incident, the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu ordered an investigation and apprehension of the suspects after the recorded murder went viral on social media.

One of the suspects identified as Francis Diamond popularly known as Iron Man who was initially arrested by SARS operatives confessed to being a member of the gang and also the one who recorded the gory video. Nigerian man shares heart wrenching story of how his brother was…. Detectives alleged that Gbadebo single-handedly killed two persons at Bayekun Street, Ikorodu and another five at Ajah besides the allegation of being serial killers of rival cult members in Ikorodu and its environs.

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eiye cultist

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